Dreaming Something Before It Happens – The Real Meaning Behind it

dreaming something before it happens

It is a rare occurrence but dreaming something before it happens is nothing new.

Well, except for some people.

So, what does it really mean when you dream of something that is about to happen? Does it mean you have psychic abilities?

Or is it only a matter of coincidence?

We shed light on these questions to determine if what you are having is only something coincidental or an actual prediction of the future.

What It Means When You Dream of the Future

Before we address this question, let us look into the reason behind this type of dream.

For instance, you may dream the same thing several times for many nights.

But you only recognize the dream when you wake up the next day… Or at a certain time.

At this point, you need to keep on recalling and focusing your energy on the dream right after waking up. This is the only way for your dream to remain in your memory.

Now, when you dream of something about the past, it is influenced by your memory. You remember your dream, and yet you only recall the once that did occur in real life.

What we are looking for here is a selection bias. You only focus on this particular dream that came true – not all of your other dreams.

But another point to consider is that you know yourself well. You are quite familiar with your typical workday, your routines in the next days or weeks to come, as well as your goals. This is why even if you ask a fortune teller to tell you about your future, they only have limited knowledge.

They obviously do not know you as much as you know yourself.

Thus, we go into this important point:

You can “predict” or at least have a wise guess about your future.

This is all because of the fact that you understand perfectly well what is going on in your life. You know that what you think can come true if you put your energy to it.

Does this mean you have psychic abilities?

Apparently not. But it does show how you are able to guess what will happen in your future. It is more of a connect-the-dots kind of a thing. You put two and two together because of your clear understanding of who you are.

The conscious mind may not be aware of these but in your subconscious, the signs are very clear.

Fascinating Facts about Selection Bias

We mentioned earlier this phenomenon of the brain called selection bias.

What this means is that you only selectively recall parts that are likely to come true – and did come true. On the other hand, the rest are ignored and forgotten.

You may remember your dream about winning a brand new car from a contest. Then, there are other details such as an acrobat doing weird tricks, pink flamingos dancing around, and so on.

Yet, you zero in on the car that you just drove home after winning it from a raffle contest.

Why does your brain think like this?

It is all because this part of the dream is the most that make sense.

Now, you wake and after a few days, you attend an event at your workplace. There was a raffle contest, and you were fortunate enough to win the grand prize.

It may not be a brand new car, though. But still, you won something.

Did you predict the future from your dream?

Not quite.

Instead, you knew there was an actual event that was going to happen. It was already in your understanding. But the only difference is that it was not a car you brought home.

Nothing But a Common Occurrence

It is ultimately possible that everyone had such a dream at one point or another in their life.

Dreams that come true yet not exactly the very same time. Something similar to the dream and in a way, relevant to it.

This is just how the mind operates.

It is their subconscious affected by their conscious mind. They do not really have such psychic abilities but it is more of the predictability in their lives. As a result, dreaming something before it happens occurs.

Psychic or Not?

Do you often dream of many things that come true each day?

In this case, then you may actually be a psychic.

But if it does not happen, then you are just like everyone else. And it is okay.

Also, keep in mind that it is typical for some people to be overly preoccupied with their dream. They keep on thinking about it even in their waking moment.

However, it is also important to come down to the present moment and be more connected with what is actually going on in your life.

Dreams are sometimes precognitive, they may have meanings, but there are also dreams that are purely the outcome of your thoughts.

Your subconscious mind works day in and day night. It receives the things you feed it during the day, and this is why you dream of multiple other things.

But the most essential thing to keep in mind is that you need to focus on your day instead of letting your dreams get the best of you. After all, the most vital thing is what is happening at the moment.

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Dreaming something before it happens can be a very special experience.

However, it is best to really understand why this occurs and what it means.

By now, you must be able to process better the nature of such dreams. This way, you can analyze occurrences in your life better to live each day with zeal and wonder.

Embrace life as it comes and always remain in the present moment for your peace of mind.


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